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Books that freaked me out in 2013

Weird, or just downright disturbing.
Still Missing
I went through a phase of reading about kidnappings after finishing Jaycee Lee Duggard's memoir. Her story was so chilling because it actually happened. Still Missing is a page-turning read about a real estate agent who is abducted by a man during an open house. She is held captive in a cabin up in the mountains, savagely beaten and raped, all of which is described in unnecessarily graphic detail. There are some real tragic points in the book that I did not see coming, and this made for a very grueling read. I finished it knowing I'd never pick up a book about kidnapping again.
Geek Love
A married couple down on their luck after their circus hits a slump decide to breed their own freakshow by taking radioisotopes and drugs. The result is Arturo the Aqua Boy who has webbed hands and feet, Oly an albino dwarf with no marketable qualities, Iphy & Elly the Siamese twins and the outwardly normal Chick, who possesses telekinetic powers. At some point in this plot-less book, the twins auction off their virginity to a man whose face had been horrifically disfigured in a shooting accident. Katherine Dunn's writing is amazing, but I never managed to finish this book, because I was unable to identify with any of the characters. Beyond the creep factor there was not much I liked about it. If I find the time, I'll give it another go at some point, maybe.
Warm Bodies
I can't understand why everyone likes this book and how it managed to get a film adaptation. It's zombie genre meets Romeo & Juliet. It might be the Twilight-esque style of writing modern love stories, an unlikely love that is doomed to fail from the start. There were moments in the book that genuinely amused me but ultimately it was about a corpse having the feelings and thoughts of a human, and falling in love. No thanks.
I already wrote about this book on here, doh.
Identical is about two twin girls Kaeleigh and Raeanne who are struggling to come to terms with a family tragedy. The book switches from one girl to the other, and from one personality extreme to the other. It covers a slew of controversial issues like rape, pedophilia and eating disorders - just to name a few. I never really got a feel for it, I guess that's what YA is these days but I know looking back I wouldn't have read this kind of thing as a teenager. The novel is written entirely in verse which is somewhat unusual but also not great if you're used to reading narrative style. Depending on what type of reader you are will dictate how you feel about the writing and the contents of this book.