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The hundred and ninety-nine steps

The Hundred And Ninety Nine Steps - Michel Faber

Sian is troubled by violent dreams and seeking distraction, joins an archaeological dig at Whitby Abbey. The abbey's one hundred and ninety-nine steps link the twenty-first century with the ruins of the past. More of a novella than a novel, it begins with Sian's horrific nightmares and progresses to the discovery of an 18th century scroll.


Sian slowly uncovers the contents of the scroll and finds what appears to be a murder confession, meanwhile she's struggling with her attraction to Mack and wary of her deteriorating health. There are a few clever reveals in this story and some background to the character which makes for interesting reading. The most intriguing aspect for me was the murder confession, which was what really kept me reading.


It is exceptionally well-written in Faber's distinct style, but like most short stories it ends too abruptly.