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What Alice Forgot and what I learned

What Alice Forgot - Liane Moriarty

"She was busy thinking about the concept of forgiveness. It was such a lovely, generous idea when it wasn't linked to something awful that needed forgiving."


I must only ever write about Liane Moriarty! I hope she sees this and personally invites me to her house to say thank you.


I just finished What Alice Forgot (five years too late ha) I lost sleep over it, I really wasn't able to function for a few days until I reached the end. Overall, I can rely on Moriarty to craft a satisfying ending, I was very satisfied.


I feel like such a fangirl writing this, because, well, I loved it a lot! And it actually physically hurts me when I read a bad review of it on Goodreads.



This book makes me feel hopeful for the future, it makes me believe I'll have life figured out at 39 just like Alice does. It also makes me think maybe having kids is a life sentence and quite possibly a bad idea. But maybe not! Love is a great thing... this book makes me think about love.


I definitely reckon it's worth reading, especially since her latest books have blown up all around the world not just here in the land of Oz. I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next!