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The Taking - Kimberly Derting

"Love was a force of nature"


The Taking is about a girl who vanishes mysteriously one night and returns five years later as though nothing happened. For her it's just like yesterday, but her family and her boyfriend have all moved on.




And then she falls in love with her ex's younger brother and that's what the story is actually about.



For a concept with so much potential, this story fell flat on its pancakey face because of that ridiculous love story. It started off interesting and morphed into this sappy teen romance, and how about that ending! (what ending?) this book is a trick to get you to read the series, the ending is not satisfying, it concludes at a cliffhanger.


It was also extremely unrealistic, I mean, why was the media not talking to her? What about the cops? She was missing for five years and all she gets is a quick trip to the hospital and then sent on her way? Sci Fi - more like won't fly. Logically speaking that is. Anyway, I can see this becoming a TV series on Nickelodeon or something.

Also I spent an embarrassing amount of time getting through this book. Maybe it gets better as the series progresses, I guess I'll have to read the rest in order to really get a better grasp of the story.